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Hi, I’m Dakin. Lost Cabin Productions is my production company.


I draw upon a diverse background in science, music, learning, and documentary filmmaking to produce media that is both meaningful and moving. My projects inspire viewers to engage deeply with ideas and think critically about the world we live in.

I am currently based in Boston, where I work as Digital Media Producer for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. I was previously based in the Bay Area, indulging my passion for classical music as a staff Video Producer for the San Francisco Symphony while maintaining a robust freelance operation on the side. Before the Bay, I operated out of the little town of Paonia, Colorado, where I produced a short NOVA documentary about the reproducibility crisis in science, a 6-part video series about wildlife research for High Country News, and a series of 35 videos of live music performances filmed in unique settings.


Before founding Lost Cabin Productions, I worked as Director of Photography and Editor for the award-winning PBS production company, Vital Pictures, in Boston. There, I worked on high-impact broadcast media projects, and produced and directed the feature documentary What Time Is Left, which premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Photo of Jeff Carr Videographer


My mission is to leverage the art of filmmaking to inspire change in a viewer’s mind. All of my films seek an outcome of learning — audiences will think or feel something that wasn’t there before. To that end, in 2016, I enrolled in the Learning, Design and Technology master’s program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. My approach to filmmaking draws upon learning theories and the design process to maximize the impact of my work.

Learn more about my work at Stanford here.

For much of the unstructured moments in my life, I find myself inhabiting cabins. Whether perched upon the San Juan Mountains, tucked away in the shrubbery of Cape Cod, or nestled in the maple grove on Reber Rock Farm, such rustic abodes occupy much of my mind’s empty space. These are the places where I retreat to in times of wondering and wandering. From the creative space embodied in these lonesome spaces, Lost Cabin Productions was born.


When I’m not filming, you will probably find me riding my bike, playing music, or eating.

Email me at dakinhenderson (at) gmail (dot) com

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