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On staff at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

As the first and only video producer on staff at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, I oversee all video production for an organization of more than 100 staff members. My role varies from project to project. Sometimes I'm a one-man-band doing everything, sometimes I'm a project manager working with a contracted production company, and sometimes I'm somewhere in between.

land value capture, explained

Director, Producer, Writer, Audio Mix & Edit. Collaboration with Abby VanMuijen of Rogue Mark Studios.


Co-Producer, Script Writer, Narrator, Project Manager.

Collaboration with Paula Sacchetta and Diego Lajst of Opaco Productions

making millennium park; chicago skyway

Co-Producer, Project Manager. Collaboration with Monica Zinn and Mark Skala of Skalawag Productions.

growing water smart

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

Script Writer, Project Manager.

Collaboration with Nolan Nissle of NGN Pictures.

Project Manager.

Collaboration with Sean Ender of Peak to Creak Films.


Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

Collaboration with Jason Drakeford of Drakeford Films.

Producer, Director, Writer, Narrator.

Collaboration with Abby VanMuijen of Rogue Mark Studios.

life of an idea

Project Manager. Collaboration with Northern Light Productions.

consortium for scenario planning

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor.

Project Manager. Collaboration with Impatient Cow Productions.

history of capital absorption